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          Qi Jie Technology - solving and customizing high precision heating technology with electromagnetic heating roller as the core


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          Application field of Qi Jie S & T electromagnetic heating roller

          The production base of electromagnetic heating roller, Zhuzhou Qi Jie Technology Co., Ltd. (www.house-of-techno.com), located in Zhuzhou, Hunan, is a high-tech enterprise with R D, production and sales. Zhuzhou Qi Jie Technology Co., Ltd. (www.house-of-techno.com) - e…


          Qi Jie electromagnetic heating roller - under the flag industry

          Qi Jie science and technology, under the flag industry: 1, electromagnetic induction roller (electromagnetic induction heating roller) production base Zhuzhou Qi Jie Technology Co., Ltd. 2, electromagnetic induction roller (electromagnetic induction…


          What is the working principle of the electromagnetic heater?

          The principle of electromagnetic induction is the principle of electromagnetic induction, that is, the principle that the heated object is placed in the magnetic field for its own heating due to the magnetic energy of the induction. That is to say, h…


          The application case of the production base of the electromagnetic heating roller - Zhuzhou Qi Jie Te

          Zhuzhou Qi Jie Technology Co., Ltd. - the production base of electromagnetic heating roll is located in Zhuzhou, Hunan province. It is a high-tech enterprise of R D, production and sale. The company has R D center, electronic components manufacturing…


          A letter from the manufacturer of oil heating roller used by Zhuzhou Qi Jie Technology

          Hello: this company combines the actual situation of your company to make the following saving costs to improve the competitiveness of the market to make the following proposals: First, Qi Jie electromagnetic heating roller products energy saving adv…

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