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          Qi Jie Technology - solving and customizing high precision heating technology with electromagnetic heating roller as the core


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          Advantage and application of Qi Jie electromagnetic heating roller

          The advantages of Qi Jie electromagnetic heating roller: The electricity saving effect is good: compared with the current heat transfer oil heating roller, the electromagnetism heating roller saves more than 60% electricity. Good working environment:…


          Comparative advantage of Qi Jie electromagnetic heating roller and oil heating roller

          QiJiaXin is specialized in manufacturing: iron-covered electromagnetic heating roller, PBO, aramide fiber, carbon fiber electromagnetic heating roller, paper drying, FCCL, aluminum-plastic composite electromagnetic heating roller, etc.…


          Electromagnetic heating roller made by Qi Jie in China, (steel sheet film) (carbon fiber composite) (

          Our colleagues from all walks of life will work with units and common development of a film drawing production line, through the film to adjust the scale of extruder die, through a group and a group of more than the electromagnetic heating roller of h…


          Electromagnetic heating roll - Zhuzhou Qi Jie Technology Co., Ltd.

          Qi Jie Technology (www.zzqjkj.com) three major industries: 1, electromagnetic induction roller (electromagnetic induction heating roller) production base - Zhuzhou Qi Jie Technology Co., Ltd. (www.zzqjkj.com); 2, electromagnetic induction roller (elec…


          The electromagnetic heating roller (electromagnetic induction heating roller) production base - Zhuzh

          These days, Liu Yabin "fire" in the circle of friends! "85 after", grass roots, technical control, miracles... This is the label of Liu Yabin. Now, he is an inspirational example of a guest. In 2012, Liu Yabin resigned from the sales work of private…

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