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          Qi Jie Technology - solving and customizing high precision heating technology with electromagnetic heating roller as the core


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          Small 800 Wide Electromagnetic Heating Roll Laminator

          Hunan Qijiexin Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. has launched a small 800-wide electromagnetic heating roll sheet laminator. Compared with traditional heating, it saves more than 60% electricity. Welcome to buy it! The core components are jointly develo…


          Carbon Fiber Electromagnetic Heating Roller

          Electromagnetic heating rollers of carbon fibre production line are waiting in line for loading and delivery. Qijie Technology has once again added to China's great military undertakings. Advantages of Qijie Electromagnetic Heating Roller: The electri…


          The Past and Present Life of Laminated?Steel

          Film-Laminated?Steel is a kind of composite material which is composed of plastic film and cold-rolled steel sheet by melting method. It is a kind of steel deep-processing product. By covering the cold rolled steel sheet or Chromium-Laminated?Steel …


          New Technology of Laminated Steel-Production Technology of High Temperature Coated Iron

          Hunan Qijiexin Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. has independent intellectual property rights of film-Laminated Steel production, processing and equipment technology and Solutions Technology of Coated Iron Substrate Development of metal canning materia…


          Application of Electromagnetic Induction Heating Roller in Film Covering Machine

          Application of Electromagnetic Induction Heating Roller in Film Covering Machine--Energy Saving, Environmental Protection, High Uniformity…

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