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          Qi Jie Technology - solving and customizing high precision heating technology with electromagnetic heating roller as the core


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          Application of Electromagnetic Heating Roller in Production of Covered Iron by Heat Melting Method

          Applied to the production process of overburden iron by thermal melting. The core technology of the production process of overfilm iron by thermal melting is summarized as high temperature, high pressure and rapid cooling. Electromagnetic heating roll…


          The application of Laminated Steel is gradually replacing the traditional canning materials.

          In the past ten years, due to the strict requirements of environmental protection and the increasing scarcity of resources, the world's canning material industry, canning industry and capping industry are undergoing major revolutionary changes. Recyc…


          Laminated Steel equipment set sent to shandong to supply customers

          Laminated Steel is widely used in various fields because of its low cost, good performance, environmental protection, energy saving and sanitation. The coated iron has melted coated iron at high temperature and bonded Laminated Steel at low temperatu…


          Loading and Delivery of Film Laminated Steel Electromagnetic Heating Roller Equipment Unit

          Even if it rains, it will not stop the delivery of electromagnetic heating rollers. Customized electromagnetic induction heating roll complete set of equipment, according to customer requirements customized heating roll and complete set of equipment.…


          Electromagnetic heating roll 320℃ temperature plate heat transfer machine.

          Heat transfer printing machines, such as grinder and cap grinder. It can be printed in a wide range of areas, including not only plane hot stamping, but also curved surface hot stamping of cups, plates and hats. Hot transfer printing is a new technolo…

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