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          Qi Jie Technology - solving and customizing high precision heating technology with electromagnetic heating roller as the core

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          Comparison of Electromagnetic Heating Roller and Other Heating Roller
          作者:總管理員   時間:2020-06-04 08:42  來源:未知   瀏覽:

                electromagnetic heating roller

                At present, the printing industry and the plastic rubber industry are generally practical. The known heating rollers have two kinds: the electric heating tube, the heating roller and the oil heating roller, and the electric heating tube and the heating roller structure are made up of the internal electric heating pipes. The oil heating roller is made up of an oil station and an oil pipeline, and the heating station is equipped with heating pipes.

          The two kinds of heating rollers have the following disadvantages in production:

          1. The temperature difference of the roller surface is large and the working stability is not high.

          2. The heating power is too large, the heat efficiency is low, and the power consumption is too high.

          3. The temperature curve on the heating roller can not be changed according to the production process.

          4. The temperature control precision is low, because the roll surface temperature lag too big thermometer can not be collected and controlled in time, so the quality of the product can not be guaranteed.

          5. The electric heating tube is a fragile device, and the heat transfer oil needs to be replaced and cleaned regularly, so the maintenance cost is too high.

          The comparison between the electromagnetic heating roll and the heating roller of the electric heating tube and the oil heating roller:

          1. Electromagnetic heating roller high thermal efficiency, energy saving effect, save the oil tank, no oil in the workshop. Energy conservation and environmental protection, intelligent foolproof operation, safe and reliable, low maintenance cost, fewer faults; Electromagnetic heating roller is the metal roller heating itself, reducing the heat loss in heat transfer, electromagnetic heating roller compared with oil heating roller resistance wire heating roller energy saving effect can reach more than 50%.

          2. Safety and environmental protection.

          3. Good temperature uniformity and flexible temperature adjustment, can adjust temperature uniformity and temperature distribution temperature according to the temperature curve required by the product.

          4. The heating ring inside the heating roller and the external controller belong to the components, which are energy-saving, easy to operate and safe, high stability, high temperature uniformity, quick and convenient installation, energy saving and environmental protection, long service life, low operating cost, and small after-sales maintenance workload.

          QiJiexin's electromagnetic heating roller has some advantages over other heating rollers:

                The operation is more simple and convenient, which achieves the intelligent test of the fool. The service life is longer. The heating temperature is adjustable at room temperature to 400. The uniformity of the roller surface temperature can be achieved at ±1.0, and the control accuracy can be achieved at ±0.1.

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